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How to add custom styles in the WordPress TinyMCE editor without a plugin

I’m sure you’ve run into this issue so many times if you’ve made themes whose complexity ranges from medium to tearing-your-hair-out-and-wishing-the-designer-has-diarrhea: The admin needs to be able to add a custom style to one of the elements from the WordPress editor. Sounds simple enough, and it is. But before you go styling away, always keep […]

Magento Web Development

How to make a custom Magento payment extension for an external gateway

Note: This tutorial is for Magento versions 1.x.x, and does not work on Magento 2 +. Magento is a great open source e-commerce platform and has emerged as the market leader in the recent past. However, it still has a steep learning curve and although the community is growing exponentially, I was not able to […]