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WordPress + Cloudinary = Dynamic, optimized, on-the-fly images!

Bringing Cloudinary to WordPress

People have tried to bring Cloudinary to WordPress, and have really complicated the whole thing. The official Cloudinary plugin, in my opinion, is really clunky and in the way in most cases. Other solutions follow the same route, and are just too complicated. Since I wasn’t able to find a good solution for my needs, I built one myself!

Defining what a good solution is

A good solution should have the following attributes:

  1. It should work out of the box, with minimal to no configuration
  2. It should be easy, seamless and out of the way
  3. It can be turned off and on easily
  4. It should be really extendable, so developers can really harness it

Auto Cloudinary Plugin for WordPress

I’ve built a plugin based on the attributes above: Auto Cloudinary. It is a super simple, easy to use WordPress plugin which you can use to integrate your WordPress website to Cloudinary!

2 responses to “WordPress + Cloudinary = Dynamic, optimized, on-the-fly images!”

  1. Hi – I am using WordPress 5.3 with Auto Cloudinary, which is installed and activated, however it doesn’t appear in the Tools->Cloudinary menu. It’s simply not there for me to configure it. Any ideas?

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