Junaid Bhura is an Enterprise Web Consultant in Melbourne, Australia - specializing in WordPress development.

Category: Open Source

ActivityPub: This ain’t it, Chief

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter makes no difference to me, but I’m extremely stoked about its unintended side-effect: People considering alternate platforms, and better yet, their own websites to share their thoughts. The W3C’s official protocol for “federated” social media is called ActivityPub. With the W3C’s blessing, it is now an official web protocol, which […]

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I contributed to WordPress 5.9!

This was my second contribution to WordPress core. Well, technically my ticket was 5 years old but better late than never!

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I contributed to WordPress 5.6!

I was one of the contributors for the WordPress 5.6 release. This was the first core release I was part of. I now get a shiny “Core Contributor” badge on my WordPress profile! Special thanks to Peter Wilson for taking a look at my ticket!

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Using Composer to manage WordPress dependencies

Package managers help managing dependencies in a project, and have become indispensable tools in modern web development. Mature languages have their own package managers, and PHP is no exception with Composer. Developers complain about how WordPress lags behind in this regard – with a lack of an official way of working with Composer. But what […]

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WordPress + Cloudinary = Dynamic, optimized, on-the-fly images!

Bringing Cloudinary to WordPress People have tried to bring Cloudinary to WordPress, and have really complicated the whole thing. The official Cloudinary plugin, in my opinion, is really clunky and in the way in most cases. Other solutions follow the same route, and are just too complicated. Since I wasn’t able to find a good […]

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WordPress: How to create image sizes dynamically on the fly

WordPress is awesome. But like any system, it’s not great at everything. One of those things is media image size management, where it just doesn’t work well. The Problems: WordPress uses something called “Thumbnail Image Sizes” to maintain different versions of your images in different image sizes. You define these image sizes under Settings -> […]

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