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Category: Architecture

WordPress Plugin authors: Please use the platform’s patterns

An appeal to WordPress plugin authors to use platform patterns and avoid passing on their complexity on to their consumers.

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What we really need is a CDN that deploys to ALL edge nodes

If you are a CDN provider reading this, and want to blow the competition out of the water, please give us this functionality

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PHP Web Components for WordPress

Update: See the concepts in this article used in a project structure: https://github.com/junaidbhura/wp-project-base The state of web components Modern front-end web development encourages breaking up of designs into reusable, repeatable and unique components. A component is a piece of markup capable of holding – but is separate from – content within it. The Web Components […]

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Using Composer to manage WordPress dependencies

Package managers help managing dependencies in a project, and have become indispensable tools in modern web development. Mature languages have their own package managers, and PHP is no exception with Composer. Developers complain about how WordPress lags behind in this regard – with a lack of an official way of working with Composer. But what […]

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