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What we really need is a CDN that deploys to ALL edge nodes

If you are a CDN provider reading this, and want to blow the competition out of the water, please give us this functionality

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How to build a standards-inspired Web Component

Let’s explore how to build a web component that is true to its web standards roots.

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Exceptions in WordPress: About time?

Is it about time the ability to create Exceptions became available in WordPress core? If so, what could it look like?

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ActivityPub: This ain’t it, Chief

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter makes no difference to me, but I’m extremely stoked about its unintended side-effect: People considering alternate platforms, and better yet, their own websites to share their thoughts. The W3C’s official protocol for “federated” social media is called ActivityPub. With the W3C’s blessing, it is now an official web protocol, which […]

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When did Safari become the new Internet Explorer?

Safari turned 20 years old yesterday. It went from being a cutting-edge browser to holding back several web standards today.

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