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Category: Opinion

Mastodon (and the Fediverse) will take a long time to catch on as long as Twitter exists

It really looks like Mastodon will take a long time to catch on as long as Twitter exists. Here’s why I think so.

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ActivityPub: This ain’t it, Chief

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter makes no difference to me, but I’m extremely stoked about its unintended side-effect: People considering alternate platforms, and better yet, their own websites to share their thoughts. The W3C’s official protocol for “federated” social media is called ActivityPub. With the W3C’s blessing, it is now an official web protocol, which […]

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When did Safari become the new Internet Explorer?

Safari turned 20 years old yesterday. It went from being a cutting-edge browser to holding back several web standards today.

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Why custom Gutenberg blocks belong in themes, not plugins

Let me start off by prefacing that this blog post is specifically about custom blocks developed for completely custom designed websites. Not blocks built for general-purpose, third-party or off-the-shelf use, which obviously belong in plugins, since they can be distributed and consumed as such. This post is aimed at developers who build custom block-based WordPress […]

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